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Two of the most important herbs for chronic Lyme are combined to add to any protocol. This tincture is used to boost your treatment. Cat's Claw is an antimicrobial therapeutic agent that has a unique active alkaloid, that help support the body's immune system. Teasel Root is also used to treat Lyme Disease in its ability to pull the bacteria from muscle tissue so your immune system can work to get rid of it.This blend is an anti-inflammatory and a stimulant for the nervous system, speeding the physical process of healing. We combine Lyme Booster with our other treatments. All of our tinctures are made with organic or wildcrafted herbs, organic alcohol and filtered spring water. start with 2 drops in 4 oz of water and build up to 10 drops per day.

Lyme Booster

  • 1 oz. Glass amber bottle with a glass dropper.

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