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Tea for Lyme disease

Lyme Teas

Try our specially blended teas in your quest to battle Chronic Lyme Disease

Each 4 oz. Package of loose leaf tea will make between 42-48 cups of tea.


To brew a perfect cup of tea, start with the best tasting water, preferably fresh spring water. If using tap water, run the water through a filter to remove chlorine. Heat cold water to a boil and no longer. Boiling the water too long will remove the oxygen and make the water "flat" tasting. Remove from heat and pour the hot water into your cup, over the one tablespoon of loose tea in an infuser. Cover and let seep for 5 to 7 minutes. Remove infuser with the tea . Enjoy the aroma before sipping. Relax while drinking your tea to get the most benefits from the tea's medicinal properties. When using the Kombucha Blend Tea, click this LINK to see directions to make your own Kombucha.

Please note: The information contained on this website is not intended as a replacement for the services of a qualified herbalist and natural healer, medical doctor, or other licensed health practitioner.  Always consult a practitioner before embarking on any program or protocol. Please ensure that you read the cautions before you order any products. The information on this site is not diagnostic, therefore always consult a herbal practitioner or your GP in order to obtain a diagnosis. Never stop taking prescribed treatment without consulting your GP or a qualified herbal practitioner.

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