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Natual Lyme treatment
Our Story Starts Deep in the Wooded Mountains
Natural Help for Lyme Disease

All of the pictures on this website were taken at our home and business in the mountains of Tennessee. As you will notice, it can be beautiful. It can also be dangerous. We take great care when harvesting its bounty at all times. Our teas and tinctures are organically grown or wild-crafted, some from our property. We hope you will enjoy and benefit from our products as much as we have.

Treatment for Tick Bite
Lyme Disease Treatment

Our rich soil and bubbling springs create the perfect environment for woodland herbs. We know the dangers of heading out for a hike in this vast wilderness. Ticks are a genuine concern—some of us here at Banshee Branch battle with Chronic Lyme Disease. An herbal protocol has been a significant benefit on our path to healing. We have blended these herbs to obtain the best of their natural properties and offer them to you so that you can follow our healing path.

Taking care of your family's health should be a top priority for everyone. It is a concept that is as old as time itself. Living with our family members gives us insight and intuitiveness into how our loved ones feel. You know when someone feels sick, down, or not themselves.
When a few of us started feeling unwell, we never even thought that something on our beautiful property was the cause. We share our domain with many creatures, large and small. However, it was the tiny little tick that took us down.

We have all got a story. Ours is similar to the millions of others. We never got the "bulls-eye" rash. We thought it was something else. Many doctors got it wrong too. After years of suffering, we self-educated ourselves, found an LLMD (Lyme literate MD) and started on the path to healing. We then noticed some herbs needed to battle Lyme were on our mountains. We wanted nature to help us heal. Let us share our knowledge and our bounty with you.

We need to put a disclaimer here. We are not doctors. We are herbalists, land stewards, and people winning the battle against chronic Lyme and some co-infections. Please seek out a good LLMD. Above all else, educate yourself. It is your health or your loved ones' health.

Find out what part of "healthy living" has been neglected. Start with the easiest and biggest "fix" first. Change the diet of the sick individual back to a more natural and healthy way. It is not easy at first, but we here at Banshee Branch adhere to a strict diet to help boost the immune system. If the immune system is not working correctly or is sluggish, it cannot help the body fight off infections., that includes Lyme.


Tea for Lyme Disease

Please note: The information contained on this website is not intended as a replacement for the services of a qualified herbalist, natural healer, medical doctor or other licensed health practitioners.  Always consult a practitioner before embarking on any program or protocol. Please ensure that you read the cautions before you order any products. The information on this site is not diagnostic, therefore always consult a herbal practitioner or your GP in order to obtain a diagnosis. Never stop taking prescribed treatment without consulting your GP or a qualified herbal practitioner.

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