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Gift Wrapping

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Our gift wrapping service is providing you with our high quality product for Herbal Lyme Treatments, now in a gift wrapped box. We will send your order to your desired person. The gift box will be accompanied with a personalized card. The card will contain any message that you wish to have.  Just send your card message and it will be added to the our specialty Banshee Branch card. 

The cost is a one time fee. If your order requires multiple packages to the same location, there will be no additional cost. 

This gift or gifts will be delivered via USPS Priority Mail and insures that the gift is delivered as fast as possible.


If you wish to make a large order and have multiple gifts, to multiple individuals, this can be done as well. That will require an order with at least 6 teas. Not per gift, but the entire order itself.

Please note: The information contained on this website is not intended as a replacement for the services of a qualified herbalist, natural healer, medical doctor or other licensed health practitioners.  Always consult a practitioner before embarking on any program or protocol. Please ensure that you read the cautions before you order any products. The information on this site is not diagnostic, therefore always consult a herbal practitioner or your GP in order to obtain a diagnosis. Never stop taking prescribed treatment without consulting your GP or a qualified herbal practitioner.

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