This blend is great to use to make your own Kombucha or just to have a pleasant cup of tea. We combined a nice black, green and white tea for an outstanding blend that is smooth and not bitter. Only sold in loose leaf. Use a large tea ball if using this loose leaf blend to make Kombucha. This blend of herbs is known for its anticancer, antioxidant and antibacterial properties and helps assist in maintaining a healthy immune system. It also improves bone health, which helps your immune system as well. It increases mental alertness because it contains caffeine. The production of antibacterial proteins have been found to be higher in those who drink oolong tea. It also maintains proper functioning of the kidneys and liver. It is concentrated source of vitamins and minerals, especially calcium. The Antiviral and antibacterial properties help boost the immune systems and provides protection against a number of diseases. Check out the "Why Kombucha" link tab at the top of the page.

Kombucha Blend Tea

  • Guide to Making Kombucha


    • 1 cup sugar
    • 6-8 bags tea –  or our Kombucha Blend loose leaf, 1 bag of tea = 1 tsp
    • 1 cup starter liquid
    • purified/bottled water
    • tea kettle
    • brewing vessel
    • cloth cover
    • rubber band
    • One healthy SCOBY



    • Boil 4 cups of water.
    • Add hot water & ¼ cup of loose leaf Kombucha Blend tea or 6 to 8 tea bags to pot or brewing vessel.
    • Steep 5-7 minutes, then remove tea bags or tea ball.
    • Add sugar and stir to dissolve.
    • Fill vessel most of the way with purified water, leaving just 1-2 inches from the top for breathing room with purified cold water.
    •  When just about room temp or tepid, add SCOBY and starter liquid.
    • Cover with cloth or coffee filter cover and secure with the rubber band.
    • Do NOT put it in a cabinet, it needs to breathe
    • Set in a warm location out of direct sunlight (unless vessel is opaque).
    • Do not disturb for 7 days.
    • After 7 days, or when you are ready to taste your KT, gently insert a straw beneath the SCOBY and take a sip. If too tart, then reduce your brewing cycle next time.  If too sweet, allow to brew for a few more days.  Continue to taste every day or so until you reach your optimum flavor preference. Your own Kombucha Tea Recipe may vary.
    • Decant & flavor (optional).
    • Drink as desired! Start off with 4-8oz on an empty stomach in the morning, then with meals to help with digestion or as your body tells you it would like some more! Drink plenty of water as Kombucha is a natural detoxifyer and you want to flush the newly released toxins out.


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