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Shop for natural and organic tinctures and other products for treating chronic Lyme disease.

At Banshee Branch, we specialize in herbal remedies used to help fight chronic Lyme disease and co-infections.

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* We currently only have Lyme Booster tincture and Lyme Blend teas available. 

Banshee Branch tinctures are all made with only organic and wildcrafted herbs. We have blended high-quality herbs giving you a superior alternative medicine in the natural treatment of Lyme disease and other co-infections. Shop our website for herbal high-potency tinctures at great prices. 

Lyme Tonic Tea

Why use Banshee Branch Tinctures for Chronic Lyme Disease? 

The ingredients make all the difference. 


Lyme disease and most of the tick-borne co-infections are bacterial. Many natural bacteria are not harmful to us; some are helpful. And then there are the bacteria that ticks carry. Those bacteria are some of the worse your immune system can come across. Pharmaceutical antibiotics are used for short and long-term treatments, and we highly recommend them for newly acquired Lyme cases. Even those who take long-term antibiotics can benefit from the boost of herbal treatment with minimal or no drug interaction side effects.


If you are concerned about the possible side effects of long-term antibiotic use, Banshee Branch teas and tinctures are the right choices. We, here at Banshee Branch, know what you are going through. We have used our products to rid the Lyme bacteria from our systems. Our journey has come a long way, along with a Lyme diet and a healthy, stress-free lifestyle. One day, there will be an overnight cure for chronic Lyme disease. Until that happens, remember that it will take a long time to eliminate all the Lyme in your system.


We start with organic and wild-crafted high-quality herbs that we (and other well-respected Lyme disease specialists) have researched as antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic, antimicrobial, or immune boosting. For our teas, we blend herbs like Cat’s Claw, Teasel Root, Houttuynia, and other medicinal herbs in such a way as to make the teas not only suitable for your Lyme disease protocol but also pleasant tasting.

Our tinctures are also made with organic or wild-crafted herbs concentrated in an organic alcohol and filtered spring water infusion. Our tinctures are made using an optimal ratio of herbs to liquid and steeped for over six months.


Start on Banshee Branch products slowly when fighting chronic Lyme disease and co-infections. We recommend starting with the Lyme Tonic Tea and adding The Lyme Stage 2 Tea after a week if your system handles it well. Add in the Detox Tea daily also. Continue to drink the teas as you add the tinctures. Everyone’s reaction to the bacteria die-off rate is different. Remember that many Lyme disease treatments will initially make you feel slightly worse. You may also have periodic days where, as your treatment progresses, you will experience bouts of die-off symptoms (Herx)

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 USA Shipping Available

Please note: The information contained on this website is not intended as a replacement for the services of a qualified herbalist, natural healer, medical doctor or other licensed health practitioners.  Always consult a practitioner before embarking on any program or protocol. Please ensure that you read the cautions before you order any products. The information on this site is not diagnostic, therefore always consult a herbal practitioner or your GP in order to obtain a diagnosis. Never stop taking prescribed treatment without consulting your GP or a qualified herbal practitioner.

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